Two Poor Kittens Being Covered in Yellow Paint Whole Bodies and Abandoned on the Side of the Road

Fortunately, the two kittens were still saved even though they were painted yellow from head to toe and abandoned on the side of the road

The fur of the two cats was smeared with yellow paint.

Yue You Meng (27 years old) said she heard a cat meowing while walking near her house in Guangzhou city, Guangdong province, China. After approaching and discovering two pitiful cats, Yue You Meng, who loves animals very much, decided to bring the two animals home.

Two cats after being rescued.

Yue You Meng recounted: “I realized the cat meow was coming from a cardboard box and when I opened it, I saw two cats inside. From head to toe they were covered with yellow paint. The paint was almost dry and the cats’ feet were glued together, and even their eyes were covered with paint. They looked pitiful so I took them home and tried to clean the paint off.”

However, removing the sticky paint from an animal’s fur is not easy. The next day, she had to find a vet for help. It took them several hours to remove all the dry paint from the cat’s fur.

Ms. Yue You Meng said: “The condition of the two cats has improved, neither eyes nor ears have suffered any damage. They just look a little sick from having too much hair removed, but both animals They were both very resilient. Despite the bad things they went through, they started playing with each other like normal kittens.”

China doesn’t have a law against animal cruelty, so there hasn’t been any investigation, and it’s not clear whether the kittens were accidentally dropped in the paint or abandoned by their owners.

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