She Was Now At Peace Since Her Son Had Been Rescued, So She Laid Down To Die

Viktor Larkhill and his team of rescuers were asked for help regarding a dog who was in grave condition.

They learned that his mother was with him, but got left behind. When they began to search for her, they found her curled up on an old couch in a nearby abandoned house.

When rescuers approached her, she was so sick, she didn’t even move. Her fur was completely gone due to awful skin conditions that left her crusty and bleeding.

She was truly on the brink of death and had already given up. Knowing her son was safe, she laid down to die. But thankfully this was the beginning of a new life for her.

The team of rescuers brought her and her son to the hospital, where they named them Helen and Oscar.

After months of special care and treatment, Helen and Oscar looked like whole new dogs. Their fur began to grow back, and their bleeding wounds healed.

Helen was then adopted by a loving family, and she is completely spoiled and loved. Oscar has since been adopted as well.

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