Dog Rescues a Stray Kitten After Losing His Best Friends

Crosby is a sweet dog that unfortunately lost his cat best friend and his dog best friend within six months of each other and was left all alone.

He was still a very good boy, just something was missing.

His human hadn’t realized just how lonely he was until one day she came home from work and found Crosby acting very unusual.

Instead of the excited welcome, he lead her straight to the bathtub where she was completely taken by surprise – there was a little kitten in it!

“This kitty was meowing up a storm, I’d never seen this kitten before,” said Crosby’s mom. “It seems to me that Crosby must of brought her inside. She has an uncanny resemblance to the kitty we lost 6 months ago.”

She inquired about the kitty around the neighborhood but no one knew if she had a home.

After a trip to the vets they discovered that she was not microchipped but had been spayed just a few days earlier.

The vet explained that the local animal shelter was overcrowded, there were already over 300 cats there, the chances of this little kitten being euthanized were high.

He recommended that she put the kitty outside to see if she knew her way home or to adopt her into the family.

So Crosby got a new kitty friend and they decided to name her Raina Lil Ray Ray. The two have become best friends and Crosby is thrilled to have company in the house again.

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